This young girl is fearless, while her classmate is an idiot. A 12-year-old boy pulled a gun on his 12-year-old classmate after she refused to give him one of her McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. 

This happened in Harlem, but please don’t hold it against them.

Reports DNA Info New York:

The girl had been to a McDonald’s on Jan. 10 around 5:40 p.m. to grab some Chicken McNuggets when her Harlem Democracy Prep Middle School classmate, also 12, demanded she give him one.

When the girl refused, he pulled out a gun and held it to her head, police said.

The girl smacked the gun away and headed toward the 6 train on East 103rd Street and Lexington Avenue, police said.

Yeah, you read that right. Young Girl is either mad courageous, or she was acutely aware that her classmate was a grandstanding sucka who would never actually shoot anyone. Still kind of scary either way, but that’s only the start of the struggle.

She told cops the boy followed her onto the train and displayed the gun again. The next day, the gun-toting kid was arrested at school after she told officials what happened.



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