Florida woman Mary Ulman must have really wanted McDonald’s last Friday (Dec. 16) after she got into an altercation in the restaurant’s parking lot that could have turned violent. After arguing with one man for reasons unknown, Ulman pulled out a gun and aimed the weapon at the man and two McDonald’s employees and was later arrested.

Local outlet reports:

Charles Daniels, 47, was trying to park at the McDonald’s when Mary Ulman, 55, started honking behind him, police said. Ulman pulled in next to Daniels as he was getting out of his car to go inside for lunch, and started honking at him and calling him inappropriate names, police said.

Daniels said he tried his best to ignore Ulman.

“She was racial slurs this and that, but my grandfather didn’t raise us that way, so I overlooked it,” Daniels said.

Authorities said Daniels ignored Ulman and walked in front of her car on his way inside the McDonald’s.

Before entering, Daniels told police he noticed Ulman was pointing a gun at him and that there was a red dot on his shoulder.

The outlet reported that Ulman aimed the gun’s red dot at two employees working the drive-thru section. Police arrested Ulman a few blocks away and drove her back to McDonald’s where witnesses identified her as the gun-wielding woman.

Ulman is facing charges of aggravated assault and intent to commit a felony.

Photo: Cap

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