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Toronto coffee shop Run and Gun Coffee are selling a Tupac-inspired latte that pokes fun at him getting shot.

When Tupac Shakur got shot five times in 1994 and emerged from it, and jail time, a year later a stronger force than before, it had the world thinking that he was invincible. Hell, he even rapped about himself on his song “Amerikaz Most Wanted” when he said “they wonder how I live with five shots, n*ggas is hard to kill on my block.” Even to this day, getting shot is weaved into rappers marketing plans hoping that getting hit, will get them a hit.

But as we all know, ‘Pac didn’t survive his second shooting in 1996, making his boasts of surviving one ambush all but irrelevant. At the same time, he became an urban legend with people saying he was still alive because he did survive the first one.

Which brings us to now.

Run and Gun has a coffee offering named after ‘Pac. No, it doesn’t have a Hennessey or Alize shot in it. Instead, it has “five shots” of milk. Or as the lifestyle site blogTO describes it in their review:

Not written on the board is the “Tupac,” which plays thematically with the chalk drawings of rappers that direct you into the coffee shop from a sandwich board outside. Appropriately, it has five shots, and is dotted with five milk “bullet holes.” Perfect for when even you’re not sure whether you yourself are alive or dead.

blogTO screenshot

So who wins the award for “Most Corny” here? Run and Gun for creating the drink, or blogTO for their description of it?

Granted, people have been making money off Tupac’s death for a very long time. From movies to television shows to t-shirts to auctions, Black death and especially ‘Pac’s is big business. But for the most part, those productions and items were at least connected to the actual story of his life and produced by people who had some kind of connection to him.

But here, you have to wonder what the hell coffee has to do with Tupac getting shot? Plus, you have to think that Run and Gun knows that they are trying it since they don’t have the drink on their wall menu for all to see. It’s nothing worth rioting and protesting over, especially in these days where there are plenty of real life things to get upset about.

But homages like this can’t help but make you replay Ice Cube’s famous words, “here’s what they think about you” in your head over and over again.

h/t Real Talk