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Under Armour CEO Jeff Plan hit CNBC’s Fast Money Report to explain why the company’s stock recently taking a hit wasn’t a big deal. During the interview, he also threw in some praise for one Cheeto Jesus. 

According to Plank, Trump, who has gone bankrupt multiple times and never bothered to share his tax returns, is pro-business and a good look for U.S. companies.

Reports CNBC:

“We have a growth company. You’ll never hear us not say that. Current outlook has double digit growth which is close to industry in the sector leading among the leaders there. Our business is so young, our business is really just getting started,” he said.

“This company throws punches. That’s what we do and it’s how we continue to expect to be able to run again,” he said. “But there are tweaks. This is not to say the world is rosy.”

Plank also mentioned his meeting with President Donald Trump to discuss jobs in U.S. Plank described Trump as “highly passionate” and a pro-business man who is a “real asset” for U.S. companies.

Under Armour also happens to sponsor Tom Brady, who Plank also praised.

Yo Steph Curry (Julio Jones, too), what do you have to say about your mans? Recently, both adidas and Nike issued statements adamantly slamming La Naranja’s Muslim Ban.

Under Armour has pretty much been cancelled moving forward. Peep the Twitter reactions below and on the flip.

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