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Say what you will about Under Armour and their Curry Flow signature line, ain't no one turning down a free pair of sneakers. Doesn't matter if it's Under Armour, And 1, British Knights or even LA Gear - we takin' em.


The new UA Flow technology that Chef Curry will be rocking come next season took 1500 man hours of testing and utilized more than 100 athletes to perfect, so you know it's going to be a problem on the court. 

There is something afoot in the sportswear world. Nike’s long-time President and CEO, Mark Parker, announced he is stepping down and will assume en Executive Chairman role within the company.


The New York Knick’s Dennis Smith Jr. might’ve struck out at the 2019 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but the hoopers in his old stomping grounds of Fayetteville, NC were still winners at the end of NBA All-Star Weekend. In conjunction with Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks & Recreation, Dennis Smith Jr. and Under Armour went to DSJ’s hometown […]

The fruits of A$AP Rocky’s partnership with Under Armour are beginning to ripen. Today (Sept. 14), the Harlem AWGE creative agency and the athletic apparel brand are celebrating and launching Pretty Flacko’s AWGE x Under Armour SRLo sneaker.

Two years in the making, we finally see what Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Under Armour in conjunction with prominent speaker brand JBL have been cooking. 

Steph Curry made his return to the court and helped his Golden State Warriors help secure a game 2 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans. Shoe and apparel company Under Armour launched a new trivia app called Steph: IQ that will help fans of Steph Curry win prizes.

A$AP Rocky and Under Armour announced a strategic partnership with the goal of aiding the lives of youth in underserved communities. 

Stephen Curry lightly jabbed back at his Golden State Warriors teammate Kevin Durant, who said nobody wants to wear the Under Armour sneakers.

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Under Armour has slowly become a force to be reckoned with in the sports world and now the brand is apparently looking to delve into the lifestyle section of the market. UA has tapped A$AP Rocky to help navigate the direction of the new fashion line.

Under Armour, the high-end sports apparel company hired fashion designer Tim Coppens to boost the company’s style points in the summer of 2016. In an interview, Coppens referred to his designs as “ghetto” without realizing how problematic and foolish he sounds in saying so.