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The night before Barack and Michelle Obama officially left the White House January 20, it felt like 2008. Not just because people were reminiscing on the year the United States elected its first Black President, but because everywhere you turned people were playing the anthem that went along with that monumental point in history, Jeezy’s “My President.”

The song was the fourth single from the rapper’s third album, The Recession, a body of work which spoke to the politically divided and financially insecure climate of the time from the perspective of the people most affected by the economic downturn. And as the nation finds itself more divided and uncertain about our future than ever in the first month of Donald Trump’s Presidency, we can’t help but wonder whether Pastor Young might have another word for us.

“I’m honest and politicians ain’t normally honest.”

We had a chance to talk with the Snowman about these “tricky” times, as he called them. And when we asked whether the political unrest across America has inspired him lyrically Jeezy couldn’t say. But personally, he’s certainly motivated.

“It’s a lot of stuff going on that I personally don’t agree with so I’m taking it all in,” he stated with the level of calm you’d expect from a man who admitted once the outcome of the 2016 election became obvious he simply thought, “it is what it is.”

“It’s a lot of moving parts. It hasn’t been the first 100 days yet so we gotta sit back and see how the first hundred go first, but it’s looking a little tricky.”

That it is, between the Muslim travel ban, efforts to strip women of their reproductive rights, and strange meetings Trump has held with a number of celebrities, like Kanye West.

“I see he don’t mess with him no more,” Jeezy pointed out when asked what he thought of Trump’s meeting with West. “You never know people’s reason for doing things, but me, personally, I’m just big on integrity and beliefs and I just don’t believe there would be a reason or a need for me to have a conversation with somebody that I don’t agree with their views. That’s where I’m at with it. I don’t see the end goal in that. I don’t think it’s nothing we can do for each other and I don’t think that we have the same views on how things are in the real world.”

As for any potential involvement in government outside of Trump, it’s not likely we’ll ever see Jeezy trade in the moniker of Pastor Young for Politician Young either. “I’m honest and politicians ain’t normally honest. They get in where they fit in. I might f-ck it all up ‘cuz I’m honest.”


Photo : Getty

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