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Donald Glover is currently one of the busiest men in show business and he took a moment to explain everything that’s going on, kind of.

Los Angeles radio personality got Glover on the phone to give updates on just about everything that he’s up to.

Firstly, he confirmed that the second season of Atlanta will not be coming until 2018.

“Yeah, it’s true,” he groaned when asked about the show. “It’s written for the most part. My brother and the writing staff have written a lot of stuff. But there’s a lot of stuff happening in the world. I don’t want to write it too early.”

When asked about the status of his collaborative album with Chance The Rapper, he didn’t offer much. He confirmed that they’ve sat down and talked about it, but doesn’t expect for anything to happen soon because both of them are so busy. He also joked that he may never see Chance again now that he’s won a Grammy. “We’ll see what happens,” he said before moving on to the next topic.

Check out the entire interview below.