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Chance and Childish may be closer to dropping that joint project that fans have been waiting on for years.

Pictures are still worth a thousand words right? Well, if that’s true, this photo of Chance The Rapper and Childish Gambino simply standing next to each other is worth twice as much to their rabid fanbases.

Chance posted the photo on his Instagram page with the caption, “Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit”

People are getting excited because this could be proof that the music they have made together could see the light of day this year. In 2013, Gambino announced that he was dropping a mixtape with Chance after he was featured on “The Worst Guys” from his 2014 album Because The Internet. “Roscoe’s wetsuit” is a reference to the screenplay that Gambino wrote to co-exist with the album, which also co-stars Chance. Gambino confirmed that the tape existed earlier this year but didn’t offer much else.

Childish Gambino is currently riding high off the success of his newest album Awaken, My Love! Chance The Rapper is gearing up for the Grammys where he has become the first artist without a retail album to be nominated. So this picture could possibly be nothing more than two associates flicking it up for the ‘Gram and congratulating each other.

Photo: Instagram