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The Atlanta Department of Justice is making headlines after being ousted for seeking “ebonics experts.”

Famed public record website, The Smoking Gun, has uncovered documents from the Department of Justices’ Atlanta division asking for nine experts in the “language” to assist the DEA in monitoring, transcribing and translating recorded conversations in narcotics investigations.

Additionally the justice department was seeking linguists in “exotic languages” such as Spanish, Korean, Farsi and Jamaican “Patoi. “

The Department of Justice listed Ebonics is as a “common language” spoken soley in the U.S. and inquiries into the available positions were due July 29th.

No word on how many “ebonics experts”, if any, were hired.

Ebonics has been described a as a “nonstandard variant of English spoken largely by African Americans” that includes features like the omission of the final consonant in words like ‘past’ (pas’ ) and ‘hand’ (han’).

Ebonics experts eh?