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Romany Malco, best known as Conrad Shepard from Showtime’s hit show Weeds, has turned to using his platform for political aims in the past. The target of Malco’s latest digs is President Donald Trump, this after the actor launched a campaign to help make the POTUS smarter by sending him books.

Via, Malco employs the dubcandy app, which allows people to make shoppable videos to create revenue, to form the basis of the Campaign. Essentially, Malco has linked a handful of books he feels will make President Trump appear a bit smarter and not the bombastic and erratic world leader he’s fashioned himself as in the past few weeks.

The books Malco recommended are: How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie; Criticism Bites: Dealing With, Responding To, and Learning from Your Critics by Brian Berry;  You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life by Germany Kent; A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn; and And the Walls Came Tumbling Down by Rev. Ralph Abernathy.

In the dubcandy clip, fans can click the pop-up icons of the books, buy them, and send them the White House’s address as provided on Trump Smarter’s site. Malco also invites supporters to create their own books to send to the president as well.

No response from the White House as of yet, but we can imagine it’s probably not going to go over well with the Lord Of Cheetos.