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Azealia Banks won’t be going to trial in her boob biting case. Instead, she took a plea deal that will let her avoid jail time, so long as she stays out of trouble, along with other court-mandated stipulations. 

According to Page Six, Banks copped to third-degree assault and gets a deferred no-jail sentence.

In December 2015, Banks punched and bit the breast of a bouncer who removed her from the Up & Down club in NYC after failing to recognize the struggle rapper.

Says Page Six:

“Did you intentionally cause physical injury to Christine Soares by biting down on her breast?” asked Judge Ann Scherzer in Manhattan Criminal Court.

“Yes,” muttered Banks, wearing a skin-tight minidress, sparkly tights and platform boots that were so bulky that she struggled to walk.

The attention-addicted rapstress must complete an anger management program, continue mental health treatment, abide by a full order of protection and generally avoid any more collisions with the law.

If she manages to meet those conditions, the assault conviction will be reduced to disorderly conduct — a violation, not a crime. Scherzer warned her that if she violated the terms, she faced up to a year in jail.

Banks took the deal a few days after the emergence of several embarrassing revelations on the eve of trial.

One of those “embarrassing revelations” was Banks having slashed her own sister with a box cutter about seven years ago. There was also the much-publicized incident with Russell Crowe that prosecutors also planned to introduce as evidence against her character.

Even the New York Post is taking note of the “212” rapper’s struggle.

Once a promising recording artist, Banks has seen her allure fade after a series of racist and homophobic outbursts.

The string of controversy appears to have taken a toll on her bank account as Banks was forced to ditch her private lawyer in exchange for a free court-appointed counselor during the case.