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Wyclef To Appeal Ruling Against His Run For Haitian Presidency

After he was disqualified from the running for the president of Haiti last week, rapper Wyclef Jean has plans to appeal the decision.

Saturday, after finding out he was denied the opportunity to fun for the highest seat in his native country, Clef had this to say,

“I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision, and I urge my supporters to do the same.”

Now in a released statement, the former Fugee is announcing a change of heart. He now says he will appeal the ruling,

“After careful consideration and much soul-searching, I have made the decision to contest Haiti’s board of election’s pronouncement stating that I am ineligible to run for the presidency of the country. I will be seeking a solution through legal channels, and I urge my countrymen to be patient through this process. In the 36 hours since the board’s decision, I have been in constant conversation with my family, friends and advisers, and reading the comments of good people and supporters throughout the Haitian diaspora.

I’ve also been closely monitoring the situation on the ground, which I am happy to report has remained peaceful and thoughtful. I, along with my supporters, am deeply disappointed that I have been denied the chance to present my candidacy to Haiti’s voters.”

Haiti’s Board of Elecetion’s ruled that Clef was ineligible because although he was born in Haiti, Wyclef is not a full-time resident. Haitian law stipulates that a candidate must be living in Haiti for five years prior to election. Clef says no matter the outcome, he will keep Haiti first.

“I want to continue in my efforts to always keep Haiti top of mind for the world–I don’t want to give anyone the chance to forget the earthquake victims, or my impoverished homeland, rich only in human potential and kindness.”