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Eddie Murphy set the Internet on fire thanks to a tweet just hinting at a sequel to his classic film, Coming To America. Word is the comedian didn’t actually send out the tweet, but that he is definitely working on the sequel. 

According to TMZ, “sources” close to Murphy say he is in the “early writing stages” of the project.

Murphy’s twitter account has since been deleted, with speculation being that whoever handles the account dropped the ball by mentioning the sequel way too early in the game.

Coming To America was released in 1988 and was a success at the box office. It since became a ‘hood and Pop culture classic that spawned numerous reference points like Randy Watson’s rendition of “Greatest Love Of All,” along with his band, Sexual Chocolate, or the famed barber shop scene(s).

Needless to say, a sequel will have ridiculously high expectations.

Mr. Murphy, make sure that script is exceptional, for cultural purposes.