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Mendeecees Harris is going to have to do all his time. The Love & Hip Hop star was denied his request to have his 8-year sentence for drug trafficking reduced. 

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, in early March, U.S. District Judge Frank Geraci Jr. denied Harris’ request to have his federal drug distribution sentence lessened by up to a third.

Harris claims that he was actually a mule, rather than a proper drug dealer, and this was not considered when he was sentenced.

Reportedly, Harris’ attorney, Dawn Florio, argued that Harris was a “minor player” in the interstate drug trafficking network he was a part of.

Reports D&C:

In her papers, she highlighted the community work performed by Harris, who pleaded guilty to the crime and forfeited $170,000 he earned from the show and public appearances while awaiting his sentencing.

As often as two to four times a week before his sentencing, Harris met with youth organizations, imploring the teenagers and kids to stay away from crime, Florio wrote.

“Youth sent about 100 letters to Harris, thanking him and relaying how inspirational his presentations were to them,” Florio wrote, noting that Harris has a job once he leaves prison. He is expected to return to the show once free.

Prosecutors responded that, while Harris was not a kingpin in the network, his role could not be considered minimal. Harris and two others admitted to the drug trafficking from 2006 to 2008, and are now in prison. The leader, Ronald Walker, received a 10-year sentence and forfeited $1.5 million, a 2012 Land Rover, and properties in Queens and Georgia.

Despite Harris claims that he wasn’t that deep in the game, multiple informants says differently.

In his March 8 ruling Judge Geraci differed on the significance of Harris’ participation, noting that Harris admitted that the players in the network moved at least 40 kilograms of cocaine and a kilogram of heroin.

“A confidential source indicated that they received multiple kilograms of cocaine from (Harris) in New York City,” Geraci wrote. “This individual stated that they received three to five kilograms of cocaine each month from (Harris) between 2005 and 2008. A second informant indicated that they received five kilograms of heroin from (Harris).”

Cold game.

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