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Apparently, Los Angeles cops couldn’t tell the difference between Wyclef Jean and an armed robbery suspect. The Fugees rapper was detained by cops overnight (March 21) because the car he was driving matched the description of the whip used in the crime that same night. 

We guess the officer who cuffed him never heard of The Score or The Carnival.

Reports TMZ:

Wyclef and 2 female passengers, one of them his manager, were pulled over by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies around 1:30 AM in West Hollywood. Law enforcement sources tell us his vehicle matched the description of a car used in an armed robbery right around the same time, in the same neighborhood — and Wyclef was wearing a red bandana … also matching the suspect description.

As for how he ended up in handcuffs — we’re told one of the women got out of the vehicle abruptly, and while talking to deputies … Wyclef reached toward his waistband. Deputies put on the cuffs for about 6 minutes while they sorted this out.

One of Wyclef’s passengers shot video of him blasting LAPD (it was really the Sheriff’s Dept.) for detaining him. We’re told ‘Clef and his passengers were released once deputies realized there were no women with the real suspect.

Wyclef, while cuffed, can be seen calmly explaining that he is a recording artist that just left the studio (a flick on the ‘Gram puts him working with Diane Warren). He also noted that he was wearing a Haitian bandana (also seen in IG) and that he plans to sue.

Along with the video, Clef added these words:

I was asked by the police to Put my hands up. Then I was told do not move. I was instantly hand cuffed before being asked to identify myself and before being told why. In the process I said my name and told them they have wrong person. They proceeded to ignore me and I was treated like a criminal. I am sure no father wants his sons or daughters to see him in Handcuffs especially if he is innocent. As some one who has law enforcers in my family, I was appalled by the bahaivoir of the LAPD.

No matter how rich a Black man may be…just ask Dr. Dre.

Also, it’s not illegal to record cops so long as you’re not interfering with what they’re doing. Stay woke.

Photo: Instagram

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