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On Big Punisher’s classic debut album Capital Punishment, Busta Rhymes made a statement on “Parental Discretion” asserting, “One thing about MC’s is that we don’t conceal the truth. We present real pictures about the positive and the negative. So don’t blame the Hip-Hop when your seed is learning the real life from us. Do your duty at home and raise your child in the house, parents. If you don’t do your job we gonna put your children to bed at 9’oclock.”

Fast-forward 19 years and Busta Rhymes’ proclamation has actually manifested itself as Hip-Hop legend Slick Rick is having his 1988 classic song “Children’s Story” turned into an actual children’s book.

For all those born after the mid 90’s, Slick Rick is an icon whose debut album The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick took the art of storytelling in Hip-Hop to the next level.

One of the more PG songs off his debut, “Children’s Story” was the original “When keeping it real goes wrong” story and told the tale of a stick-up kid who ends up catching the wrath of the police after slippin’ up and trying to jux an undercover.

Scheduled to drop on Record Store day, April 22, courtesy of Def Jam & Get On Down, Children’s Story will also be backed by Slick Rick’s “The Moment I Feared” and packaged in a picture sleeve 45 that comes equipped with a CD copy of Slick Rick’s timeless LP, The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick.

So after you put the kids to bed reading from the book you can pop in the CD and relive the days when “Indian Girl (An Adult Story)” had you laughing your jheri curl off.

Peep images of the package below and on the flip.



Photo: Get On Down

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