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Cam’Ron wants to back up his claims that he gave Stephon Marbury the business in high school in grand fashion.

Cam’ron started a small internet fire earlier last week when he claimed that he gave some of the most respected New York City basketball legends all they could handle on the court back in the day. Among those legends is former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury.

Marbury saw Cam’s Instagram post and responded by saying that the only thing Cam was better than him at was blowing spit bubbles. Cam admitted that he used to blow spit bubbles back in the day [weird], but he also challenged Marbury to a game of one-on-one at Madison Square Garden.

Marbury didn’t seem to be all that interested at first, but now it looks like he is entertaining the idea. However, he prefers Rucker Park over MSG. He even said the game could be to 10 and he’ll give Cam a five-point headstart.

It has been over 20 years since both of these guys’ high school careers ended. Obviously, Starbury went on the bigger things on the court so he still may have something in the tank. But, if given the chance, would you pay to see this showdown?