June is Black Music Month, which was first established by way of a proclamation by President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Each year, millions of Americans recognize the contributions of Black musicians across a variety of genres. In honor of Black Music Month, HipHopWired and MetroPCS has highlighted the music industry’s top ten power brokers.

From legends like Billie Holiday and Barry Gordy to current superstars such as Beyoncé and Chance The Rapper, Black Music Month honors those who add to the rich tapestry of sound. MetroPCS is front and center in bringing listeners and music fans closer to the influencers and creators that provide the art we’ve all come to value.

By the time music hits your hands for your personal listening, the product has passed through a variety of hands to ensure top-notch quality. This includes producers, engineers, managers, and much more. However, record executives typically have the final say on what flies and what doesn’t in the industry.

On the following pages, check out our list of The Music Industry’s Top 10 Power Brokers.


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