Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the music game goes only as far as the artists involved take it. It evolves accordingly, not because corporations and labels dictate where it should go, but because generational voices drive it where it needs to be.

Over the decades, we’ve witnessed some of the most groundbreaking and soul shaking sounds, rhythms, and words produced by talent who have defined genres either with the stroke of their pen or the mastery of their instrument. In some rare cases using both.

The creative minds that have pushed music to new and stimulating heights have inspired many listeners and fans to not simply support their creation, but find their own voices and add to a culture that continues to grow and change with the times.

More often than not we forget that these artists aren’t just great at what they do, but are geniuses whose gifts have the ability to touch lives with the universal language known as music.

With that in mind, HipHopWired and Metro PCS offer a list of the Top 10 songwriters and producers that the music game has seen.

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