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The Game wants Viacom to pay up. The Compton rapper is suing Viacom for allegedly hiring an ex-con for his She Got Game reality show. 

You may recall that the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper found himself in legal hot water when “contestant” and model Priscilla Rainey accused him of sexual assault.

Well, the Game is now suing Viacom because they gave Rainey a pass on her alleged “crazy eye,” and should have never given her a spot on the show.

TMZ reports that a doctor who was on site during the show’s taping noted that Rainey, who has a rap sheet that includes multiple felony arrests, was prone to “acting out of control” in moments of jealousy. Considering She Got Game was about women competing for affection the Game, you could see why she would be liable to act up.

The Game believes VH1 ignored the doctor’s observation for the sake of ratings.

Rainey won $7.1M in damages from the Game, so he feels the network needs to hand over the bag, and another $13M in damages.

Expect this one to be settled out of court.