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Funkmaster Flex has made yet another controversial statement about Tupac decades after his death. He says the deceased rapper shot himself by accident in the infamous Quad Studios attack back in 1994. The robbery attempt that left Tupac shot multiple times set off a chain of events that led to him blaming The Notorious B.I.G. and Sean “Puffy” Combs for the shooting and starting the “East Coast vs. West Coast” war.

In an Instagram Live session, Flex said:

“You ‘Pac fans always talking that talk,” Flex said. “Cheddar Bob. Came in there, popped himself in the leg. Popped himself first. That’s what happened. He knew who approached him. He had a steel on him, ’cause he knew he had an issue out there, and when get got there, they was just gonna take his jewelry. They didn’t even touch him. He panicked, pulled out the steel, shot himself.”


He ended by saying what many New Yorkers who were around at the time have said before. Which is that they loved ‘Pac, but that he switched up on them after the shooting. Flex isn’t the first to offer this theory. Journalist Chuck Phillips who spent years investigating the deaths of both ‘Pac and Biggie, wrote that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted in a Village Voice article in 2012.

He wrote:

I learned, from the assailants, that it was Pac who shot himself, accidentally, in the groin, during the scuffle, with his own gun, attempting to defend himself. He got off only one round, they say, before they beat and pistol-whipped him to the ground, mercilessly, and proceeded to kick him again and again. There were no witnesses to the crime, so Pac, they say, used poetic license to dramatize it, transforming the assault into an assassination plot, exaggerating the number of times he was shot, and the severity of his wounds.

But with the story coming out of Flex’s mouth, it does sound a bit more distasteful. Especially since Flex has proclaimed that he “don’t f*ck with ‘Pac” in the past.