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Dave Chappelle reportedly said he regrets saying America should give Donald Trump a shot as President.

Chappelle was blessed and cursed with having his first television comeback appearance on Saturday Night Live come just days after hell froze over and Trump was elected President. While most people, including himself, laughed throughout his opening monolog, he got serious towards the end. He understood that most Americans were angry and confused as to what just happened, but felt it was at least fair enough to “give him a shot.” A lot of people squirmed at the idea while others actually considered it since it was coming from a voice they trusted.

But that was before Trump actually started the job. In the hundred-plus days since he was inaugurated, hell has gone from freezing over to breaking loose. Now, Chappelle sees the error of his comment and wishes he could take it back.

According to NBC’s Willie Geist, who was in attendance as Chappelle performed at a Robin Hood benefit in New York City on Monday night, the comedian says he really “f*cked up” when he said that.

It’s the first time we’ve heard Chappelle make public statements about the election since he hosted SNL. His two Netflix specials that came out earlier this year were already recorded before the election took place. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear what he really thinks with this third Netflix special that he is currently working on.