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30-year old rapper Waka Flocka Flame officially joined the “old heads” age bracket when he said that Lil Uzi Vert is not Hip-Hop.

Waka made this declaration in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. In it, Waka reposted a meme comparing Lil Uzi Vert rocking a form-fitting shredded shirt, choker necklace, with his multi-colored dreadlocks pinned back to Nas donning a more conservative look. Above their heads, it read “Your Hip-Hop” and “My Hip-Hop.”

“This post ain’t bool @liluzivert is Rock not HipHop!,” Waka said. “This generation has #Logic #Jcole #Meek #KDot etc. let my era just be great!!!! Side note rock artist always been edge. #ImJustTakeUp4HipHop & #TheseStreets #TheseYoungNiggasUp Big old Facts #BigHomieFlock #BigDawgBigDawg.”


Waka is far from the first person to say that Lil Uzi is not Hip-Hop. In fact, Uzi has said it himself plenty of times and almost seems offended when he is called a rapper instead of a “rock star.” Uzi, who was the most listened to artist on Soundcloud last year, doesn’t categorize his music under the Hip-Hop tag on the service either. Instead, he files it under “alternative rock.”

On the flipside, there are probably plenty of rock fans who would disagree with both of them. On top of that, it says a lot that in 2017 Waka Flocka is emerging as a voice that is declaring who and what can be considered “Hip-Hop.”

Waka has deleted the message, so that must mean that he changed his mind about how he felt or didn’t feel like having the conversation online.