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Lonzo Ball is expected to be a top-five pick in the NBA Draft this summer, but you’ll never guess who is in his “Top 5” rappers list.

In recent months, we’ve only seen people get caught up in what Lonzo Ball’s father LaVar has to say. But now, people are actually paying attention to the younger Ball. Only it has absolutely nothing to do with basketball.

Just like most new stars and public figures these days, Ball is seeing his social media channels get investigated for old, pre-fame posts that could embarrass or incriminate him. So far, the only thing the internet has been able to come up with is a tweet from 2016 where Lonzo shared his personal Top 5 rappers list.

Now, when he says “in order,” let’s play Devil’s Advocate and look at it starting at both angles. Maybe he was going from top to bottom or bottom to top when he made the list? Seeing that he is only 19-years old this list does actually look respectable. One, there’s only one dead rapper on it, Tupac, so that’s fair enough to leave space for rappers that are still putting music out. He has 50 Cent, who is arguably the most successful “street” rapper ever. He has, DMX, who to him may qualify as his mandatory “old school/OG” choice. Those two can also count as his “East Coast” picks. Then he has Lil Wayne, who’s DNA can be found in just about every successful rapper since 2006.

Then he has Future. That’s where people are throwing flags on the play. Again, if the list is going from bottom to top, he has him ahead of Wayne. If it is going from top to bottom, he has him ahead of DMX, 50 and ‘Pac. Now, at the time that Ball sent out this tweet, Future was one of the hottest, if not the hottest rapper out. Arguably he still holds that distinction right now, almost exactly a year later. So, it can be understood why Future is placed where he is on this list.

But still, a lot of Twitter was like “nah.”

The conversation didn’t last too long back then because at the time Lonzo was just a teenager expressing his opinion. But now that people know who he is, and have actually heard him rap as well, the conversation has been reignited.

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