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Recently, Charlamagne Tha God made a guest appearance on Joe Budden’s podcast where ruffled some feathers by calling out rival radio host Old Man Ebro for wanting to take a picture with him at Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp last year.

Today (May 26), Ebro decided to clarify the situation, explaining that “Me and that dude don’t have a personal problem… a personal relationship. It’s radio… He talks greasy about people that work at Hot [97], I talk greasy about people that work over there (Power 105.).”

But Ebro said he really took issue with Charlamagne giving White Nationalist Tomi Lahren shine and then mocking the Black Lives Matter movement by joking that Black d*cks matter. Ebro felt that Tha God was “coonin.’”

Eventually, Ebro’s co-host Nessa teamed up with Colin Kaepernick (her boyfriend) for the Know Your Rights Camp and she asked Ebro if it was OK to invite Charlamagne. According to Nessa, Ebro was “completely great with it.”

Once there, Nessa said fans were so happy to see the both of them in the same room that she asked Ebro to take a picture with Charlamagne to show a sign of unity amongst the culture, but Charlamagne wasn’t having any of it.

“I said ‘Hey, Nessa would like us to take a photo together,” Ebro recalls. Charlamagne’s response was quick and swift, “He says ‘Nah, I’m not takin’ a photo with you.”

Apparently, Tha God was still upset with being labeled a “coon” by Ebro for the whole Tomi Lahren thing.

After the initial exchange, Ebro says they spoke about the issues Charlamagne had with the other deejays at Hot 97, and then kept it movin’.

Sadly Nessa takes most of the blame saying she should’ve given Charlamagne a heads up about the situation instead of throwing him right into the mix. Ebro wasn’t so forgiving calling CTG “a piece of sh*t” and wonders why he was so quick to squash his beef with Joe Budden on his podcast after calling him a “woman beater” for years but couldn’t look past their two-bit name calling ways on the airwaves.

Peter Rosenberg then shared his own story about Charlamagne’s pettiness that kept the two rival radio stations from linking together and raising voter awareness that could’ve helped keep Donald Trump out The White House.

We’re not sure where this is going to go from here but we hope that these men can meet on common ground and do something positive for the community.

In that aspect, Ebro says he’s “absolutely” still willing to build with Charlamagne one-on-one for the culture saying “It’s not about us guys, we just have cool ass jobs. We do these jobs to help people get through the day, give some information, and feel good.”

Ball’s in your court, God.

Check out Ebro’s side of the story below.

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