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Karlie Redd of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta infamy is suing an exotic car dealership for stealing her Porsche. Yes, you read that  correctly. 

Of course, the dealership says the whip was repo’d. Karlie says she got robbed.

Reports TMZ:

Now, the dealership — Vanderhall Exotics of Houston — would call it your run-of-the-mill repo … but in docs, obtained by TMZ, Karlie says her 2014 Panamera was straight stolen. She says she’d made $43,300 worth of payments on the car she purchased for $57,397 — but on February 28, around 2:53 AM, the men forced their way into her garage.

In the suit, she says they also got into her house, stole an unspecified amount of jewelry and clothing … and then bolted with the Porsche. Karlie says she called police and, through an app, traced the car back to the dealer in Texas.

Redd is suing for all the money she paid on the car.

Nothing about whether she was late on those payments, thus justifying the repo, though. Who do you believe?