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Snoop Dogg says that he wasn’t dissing Young Thug in his hilarious video for “Moment I Feared.”

The video features a man wearing an outrageous red dreadlocked wig, a ruffled dress, high heels and carrying a purse among other things. But Snoop says that he wasn’t dissing anybody.

“I ain’t poking fun at nobody,” says Snoop Dogg. “It’s a video. I’m acting in the video. The director directed it. It’s just a video. It could be a number of people. There’s a lot of people that it can be, but it’s just me letting people know that I respect what the youngsters are doing. This is what they do, how they do, and I respect that.”

People weren’t crazy to assume that Snoop was taking shots at artists like Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert and rest of the new generation of rappers who make daring fashion statements. However, Snoop feels that the video couldn’t be a diss because he was just on Thug’s new album E.B.B.T.G.

Watch Snoop cop his plea below.