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Snoop Dogg comes off as a sly dog in his new video for “Moment I Feared” where he mocks and praises the new generation of rappers at the same time.Snoop Dogg has never been above clowning other rappers. As an OG in the game, you can do that. So his new video for “Moment I Feared” should come as no surprise. In this clip, we have Snoop hosting an episode of his GGN show alongside the track’s producer Rick Rock. While smoking on some good-good, the two vets start talking about the state of Hip-Hop right now. Both of them carefully state that they are cool with the new generation’s originality and innovation.

However, visually the video lets it be known that they have jokes for the Young Thug’s and Lil Uzi Vert’s of the world and how they dress. The video features a fictional rapper named Fonz D-lo who wears dresses like the one on Young Thug’s Jeffery album and brags about wearing expensive fabrics as Lil Uzi Vert once did. Throughout the video, Fonz D-lo can be seen primping and dancing, while surrounded by women. At the end of the video, Big Snoop Dogg asks Fonz D-lo about his sexuality and he confirms he is indeed “gay” but in the sense of being “happy.”

We aren’t expecting the same backlash that Snoop’s video for “Lavender” where he is depicted as shooting a Donald Trump clown, but this is sure to spark some discussion. Plus, Snoop just appeared on Thugger’s Beautiful Thugger Girls album that dropped last Friday, so he must be cool with what he’s doing. The video is funny though, check it out below.

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