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Joe Budden admits that he was being disrespectful on purpose when he threw down his mic and walked off on Migos.

It has been three days since Joe Budden gave us yet another viral moment when he wrapped up his BET Awards interview with Migos in a very abrupt fashion.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what actually set him off and what actually happened. So far, we know that Complex did indeed partake in some nifty editing to make the scene look good for TV. But, according to Joe Budden, everything you saw him do was real and on purpose, editing be damned.

He addressed his behavior on his show Everyday Struggle.

Joe says:

“I’m not saying it wasn’t wrong my behavior. I’m not saying it wasn’t disrespectful. It was. I’m telling you that at some point it stops being about knowing right or wrong and it starts to become, “Is it worth it?” It 100 percent is worth it to me to let these little diva n*ggaas know that I don’t give two f*cks about none of this Migos sh*t. None of this sh*t. Y’all sitting here giving n*ggas y’all a** to kiss. I’m not with it. I don’t care about your super stardom. I don’t care about your success. F*ck all ya’ll. Y’all can get up. Y’all do not have to sit here. I didn’t want to talk to y’all anyway.”

Watch Joe’s entire explanation below.