A mural honoring Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame was erected across from the Queensbridge housing projects in New York which the late rapper immortalized in song. Just hours after the tribute was completed, vandals defaced the large painting by throwing white paint on the piece.

Artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli “Eli Eos” Lazare took five days to initially work on the piece, which went live late last week. However, the vandals took splashed paint over the piece which got a reaction from several of Prodigy’s peers including Queensbridge rapper, Cormega, among others.

Henriquez and Lazare fixed up the mural once more and took 15 hours to do so, according to an Instagram post from the artist. It’s being reported on social media that the painting has been defaced once again with red paint after the refurbished work went back up over the weekend. Henriquez said on his Instagram post that he expected as such and promises to keep the mural in good condition.

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THE RESURRECTION. The hood love is strong! 15 hours in one shot to bring back our fallen hip hop general. Big thanks to the homie @elementsofstyle_nyc for keeping things on point. A special thanks to my very good friend @djhotday who pulled up the truck and kept the lights on until the very last can. And to all the positive souls brothers and sisters djs tv types and local people. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sadly I expect my wall to get hit again. But regardless. The statement we made today represents the resilience of a community and a deep love for one man. Im honored to have been asked to do the piece. Now.. Lets keep this muthafucka movin… ✊🏽#prodigy #ripprodigy #queensbridge #newyork #infamous #streetart #urbanart #outdoorart #publicart #montanacans #tattoos #sprayart #spraypaint #realism #portrait #muralart #mural #jeffhenriquezart_ #elementsofstyle #graff #beautiful #stunning

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Whoever is doing this to Prodigy’s mural either had a bone to pick that they were too shook to handle when he was among the living or a bunch of bored losers who don’t know how to respect the dead.

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