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Body Of Las Vegas Woman Found In Clutter At Home

A Las Vegas woman that was reported missing for over four months was found…in her home.

According to published reports, 67-year-old Billie Jean James was reported missing by her husband and family in April.

Police report that the woman’s home was so filled with clutter that they had to use the aide of cadaver dogs from a unit that helped locate bodies at ground zero after Sept. 11, to search the home with no luck due to stockpiles of clothes and other clutter.

It wasn’t until her husband was rummaging through the home, that the body was discovered by accident.

Although the woman appeared to have died in her home, a spokeswoman says it could take weeks to determine when and how she died.

Now if the dogs worked 9-11 and found bodies, I think they dogs may need to be retired because it seems they are no longer adept at doing their job

The woman’s husband has not been named as a suspect.