The Nevada Democratic debate has concluded and, per usual, the experts and analysts are breaking down the event to the smallest element. If Twitter’s reaction to the debate is to be valued highly, many viewers believe that Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped that “Ether” on Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and the rest of her opponents.

Republicans have just been dealt another mile to climb in their uphill battle to prove that their party doesn’t directly identify with racism, after a Nevada man famous for battling the government in his area was videotaped saying some pretty dispablce remarks about African-Americans and Mexicans.

Burning Man, the annual anti-establishment and community-focused festival held last week in Nevada, is the last place one would expect a millionaire recording industry mogul. Yet, Sean “Diddy” Combs found himself among the throng of thousands and excitedly shared that the time at Black Rock Desert changed him.

UPDATE (Sept. 9, 2013): Video footage of Marv getting robbed at gunpoint has been uploaded to the Internets. Check it out on the last page. Cold world. Bay Area rapper Messy Marv was severely beaten over the weekend in Reno, Nev. just as August was coming to a close. After his attackers posted photos of the […]

O.J. Simpson has been granted  parole, but he’s not exactly free just yet. Simpson has been behind bars for the better half of four years.

Politicians are usually found with prostitutes, but here’s a flip side to that story. A Mississippi mayoral candidate has detailed her life as a former “working girl,” who married one of her customers.

It may be called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people, but race isn’t an issue for the NAACP. The Nevada chapter of the civil rights organization has elected its first non-Black president in 66 years. 

First New York granted 50 Cent permission to promote boxing matches, and now Nevada has followed suit. As of early Thursday (Nov. 15), the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved 50’s request to become a licensed promoter in the state Thursday.

As the presidential election comes to a close, some voters are doing whatever it takes to make sure that things turn out in their favor. Authorities arrested Roxanne Rubin, a registered Republican from Henderson, Nev., Friday (Nov. 2) for allegedly trying to vote twice.

If there was any doubt into whether or not Mitt Romney has paid taxes, the answer is yes. The Republican presidential hopeful responded to criticism Friday (Aug. 3) that he has received for refusing to reveal more if tax records. During a campaign stop in Nevada, Romney said that he “paid taxes every year — […]