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Burning Man, the annual anti-establishment and community-focused festival held last week in Nevada, is the last place one would expect a millionaire recording industry mogul. Yet, Sean “Diddy” Combs found himself among the throng of thousands and excitedly shared that the time at Black Rock Desert changed him.

Celebrities at Burning Man aren’t a new thing, but it’s rare that “Burners,” as attendees are referred to, make a big fuss about seeing famous faces. There has also been a lot of corporate curiosity, as companies have attempted to invade the event over the years. Diddy’s participation in the event was especially unexpected, and it appears from photos he got right in the middle of the action.

Posting from his Instagram account, Diddy shared a photo of himself decked out in a white and gold captain’s outfit complete with hat, sunglasses and a curious gold glove with the caption: “#BurningMan Words cannot explain! I’ll never be the same. Do u see the glove?

Another fan caught a photo of Diddy in a crowd with is arms raised, pressed up closed between a mass of Burners, and users on the Burning Man’s Facebook had a field day discussing the Bad Boy’s presence at the festival.

Does this mean Diddy is going to let go of his empire and endorsements to live like a new-age hippie?

Check out photos of Diddy at Burning Man on the following pages.

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Photos: Instagram

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