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A$AP Mob’s co-founder and Vlone designer A$AP Bari has been accused of sexual harassment after a video was uploaded to @SoledOut which depicted a man with Bari’s likeness telling a woman, “You f*cked my assistant, now you’re going to suck my d*ck.”

Complex is reporting that the clip with the caption “what that mouth do b*tch” was featured on the social media page for a minute before being taken down without explanation.

The video in question featured a man resembling Bari wearing a red Supreme x Louis Vuitton sweater pulling the sheets off a scared naked woman and instructing her to perform oral sex while the camera man is also heard commenting throughout the clip.

The woman in the video can be heard saying “Stop it. Stop Bari… honestly” before ultimately walking out of the room. The man alleged to be Bari then proceeds to smack her on her rear-end as she leaves.

Adding to the notion that it was in fact A$AP Bari is a picture uploaded to Instagram a few days ago which shows Bari wearing the same Supreme x Louis Vuitton sweater as the man in the video.

A woman with the twitter account @chasinfoodstmps has since claimed to be the victim in the video stating that Bari and his peoples did indeed try to force her into that bed and got upset when she refused to engage in sexual activity. The account has tweeted that Bari is now in the custody of UK authorities.

For his part Bari tweeted that the video in question was fake but has since deleted those tweets.

Stylist/creative Ian Connor (who’s bumped heads with A$AP Bari in the past and has his own well-documented issues) insinuated that he’d “upload a video” himself though he didn’t say whether it was related to this particular issue.

This story is developing.

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