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It seems that horseplay at the New York City Police Department differs vastly from what you would expect at a normal work environment. A former sergeant has been convicted of tossing semen at a female coworker.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to The New York Post, Michael Iscenko deliberately flung his semen at a coworker on January 3, 2015. His counterpart, an administrative aide, testified in court that the crime occurred as she was walking back from the bathroom.

“I felt something cold and wet behind my leg, I turned to look and saw a creamy substance. I saw Mike behind me and told him, ‘Ewww! Why did you do that?’ in disgust, and he just looked at me and walked to his office,”  the 63-year old woman said.

Office surveillance footage played at the trial shows the creep, in his uniform no less, crouching behind her and lobbing the sperm with intent. Iscenko’s lawyer, Michael Horn, claimed that the white liquid was saliva even though lab tests have proven it was indeed semen.

The Daily News reports that prior to the incident the disgraced sergeant admitted to the victim that he “liked” her. Michael Iscenko has already been terminated from his position and faces three months in jail. The victim cashed out with a $147,250 civil suit against New York City.

Via The New York Post