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Zazie Beetz became familiar with audiences after starring as Vanessa, the girlfriend of Donald Glover’s Earn Marks, in the FX hit series Atlanta. Beetz has the Internet on fire after Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds posted a photo of her dressed as the mutant Domino, effectively announcing her appearance in the Marvel film’s sequel.

The image Reynolds posted Monday morning (July 31) features the actor in his Deadpool get up with Beetz as Domino draped across his back as they lounge in front of a fire. The character is an expert combatant and markswoman, with the mutant ability to shift luck into her favor.

Unlike drawn interpretations of the character, fan reaction has been robust as Beetz looks the part with the signature patch over her left eye but most notably, Domino does not appear to have been depicted before as a Black woman.

Domino becomes a vicious mercenary in the comics, but then has a change of heart and joins the X-Men affiliate team, X-Force. There’s no word yet on how the Deadpool sequel will spin the character, but in the meantime, check out the images and chatter about Zazie Beetz as Domino below and on the following pages.


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