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DeMarcus Cousins and Ndamukong Suh are getting a bad rap. That’s the premise of the new Foot Locker spot starring the NBA and NFL, respectively, stars. 

In the commercial, titled “Make An Impression,” Cousins and Suh are seen dropping off their Nike into a SUV, after hitting up Foot Locker, presumably, and then walking through a parking garage

Suh and Cousins wax philosophical on their reps as selfish or even dirty players, while oblivious to their actions that including kicks a woman’s groceries, knocking down a guy in crutches and not holding the door for an elderly woman. 

“Just like on the field in the NFL, you’ll see in this commercial I don’t have ‘bad guy’ intentions,” said Suh, jokingly, via a press statement.

Added, “A few fouls or techs later and there’s a whole narrative laying out your reputation. Making light of these competitive ‘mishaps’ with Foot Locker and Ndamukong was a lot of fun.”

Watch the spot below, it’s hilarious.

Photo: screen cap