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Tiger Woods may be a legendary golfer, but his personal life is still in shambles. A toxicology report has revealed that he had weed, amongst a plethora of other drugs, in his system when he got popped for a DUI. 

You may recall when cops pulled over what looked like a dazed and confused Woods, who later maintained his state was due to an adverse reaction to prescription medications.

According to TMZ, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office toxicology reported revealed that Woods indeed had 5 different drugs in his system.

However, one of those said drugs was THC, the chemical compound found in marijuana. He didn’t mention that.

Also worth noting, Woods was popping all the pills, bruh. Also reportedly found in his system was Hydrocodone aka Vicodin, a painkiller called Hydromorphone, Xanax and Ambien.

Tigers Woods says he’s getting professional help for his troubles. The Black delegation is still not taking him back, though.