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Tina Fey made a return to her former stomping grounds of SNL and joined the Weekend Update: Summer Edition show Thursday night, taking the time to aim some sharp barbs at President Donald Trump. Hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che welcomed the University of Virginia alum who took her segment to blast the recent events in Charlottesville in a fashion that some deemed too forgiving of racists.

Fey joined the set decked out in her college gear and launched right into the bit in where she clowned the alt-right protests that took place last week and the handful of similar rallies to come. While the incidents that took place were indeed serious, Fey’s take on how to respond to the rise in racism is to simply eat a cake from an establishment owned by a person of color and scream into it. There might have been some deeper underlying, but some folks on Twitter wasn’t having it.

We caught some of the positive and negative Twitter reactions to Tina Fey’s appearance below and on the following pages. We’ve also included Thursday’s Weekend Update: Summer Edition episode in full courtesy of NBC below.

And yes, some loved the bit.

And there’s the suggested possibility that folks on Twitter not feeling Fey might have missed the joke.

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