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Howard University is one of the hallowed institutions which fall under the Historically Black College and Universities category, and Bison pride is real among its current and past students. A pair of white teen girls caught the wrath of Black Twitter after visiting the campus over the weekend donning “Make America Great Again” caps outwardly supporting President Donald Trump.

DCist reports:

Two white teen girls walked onto the campus of Howard University, a historically black college, donning “Make America Great Again” hats on Saturday.

Howard students’ very predictable reactions led one of the high schoolers to write a Twitter rant saying that she was “harassed continuously” and frustrated that Donald Trump supporters “have to fear” going to places due to their loyalty to the president.

The 16 year old was met with a Twitter storm of disapproving responses, including from Howard University defending its students saying, in part, that “though this is an institution where freedom of thought, choice, and expression are ever-present, we will never compromise our values or allow others to convince us to do so.”

Naturally, the teens are crying foul now after the heat got to be too much for them and told their side of the story to BuzzFeed News.

We’ve scoured Twitter for more of the pointed responses to the girls and their ill-advised fashion choice while visiting an HBCU below and on the following pages. Also, peep one of the teens ranting about the whole affair immediately below.

Photo: Twitter

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