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It ain’t easy pleasing Eazy, or well, at least the actor who played Eazy E in Straight Outta Compton anyway.

TMZ released footage of actor Jason Mitchell going ham on a Delta Flight crew on Sunday night after he boarded the plane and realized someone had been seated in his first class seat.

Letting off enough “f*ck you”‘s to put on a Tupac diss record, Jason berated the flight attendants for a hot minute for giving away his seat and even called someone “p*ssy.”

At one point Mitchell was even confronted by an old man to whom Mitchell told “Stay out my sh*t cause you can’t fight fa sho,” before adding “You don’t know what I’m going through right now” with his voice breaking up.

Eventually, witnesses on the flight said Mitchell exited the plane but not before police officers intervened.

An official for Delta airlines reached out to TMZ and explained that they did not double-book Mitchell’s seat. According to them Mitchell missed his earlier first class flight and was on standby on a later flight for a “comfort+” seat.


Photo: screen cap