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Apple fanatics brace yourselves, the iPhone 8 is coming and if you want it, you better start saving your coins.

The Wall Street Journal dropped the news of Apple holding a product launch event on Sept. 12, and Tim Cook will be unveiling three iPhones and the 8th installment will be one of them.

The iPhone 8 will reportedly look drastically different from its predecessors, most noticeably it will be ditiching the usual home button, the ‘Touch ID’ completely and its vertically aligned dual rear camera.

Other confirmed specs for the iPhone 8:

  1. 5.8 inch OLED screen with the world’s highest screen-to-body ratio.
  2. The front camera will support 3D scanning and advanced facial recognition.
  3. Enhanced vertically aligned dual rear camera.
  4. Lightning port with USB-C power delivery embedded for speed charging.
  5. Wireless charging.
  6.  Only will come with 64GB and 256GB
  7. Upgraded speakers
  8. ProMotion dispay technology which offers a variable refresh rate to help improve performance and save battery life.
  9. ‘Apple Neuron Engine’ which will handle the ProMotion and various “artificial intelligence tasks”.

Now how much will this cost you?

The iPhone 8 will not only boast some impressive new features but will also have an impressive price. The entry-level 64GB iPhone 8 will start at $999, $350 more than the previous entry-level version. So you if you go up in memory (256GB, 512 GB) you could possibly be looking at paying $1,200 plus tax. But when has that stopped Apple fans before?

BUT if you can’t fathom spending that much, Apple will also be unveiling an iPhone 7S and 7S plus as well.

With Samsung already annoucing the return of the uber expensive Galaxy Note 8, Apple looks to keep pace and stay on top of the competion.

According to rumors, pre-orders will open up for the iPhone 8 on Friday, September 15, leading up the worldwide launch on Friday, Spetember 22.

Will you guys be breaking bank for the iPhone 8? Or will you just be settling for an iPhone 7S?

Photo: screen cap