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Well, it was bound to happen. Seems like Will Smith is once again ready to get jiggy wit it but this time around his former P.I.C., DJ Jazzy Jeff is riding shotgun for this ride.

During a performance at England’s Livewire Festival this past weekend (August 27), DJ Jazzy Jeff and the artist formerly known as The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) debuted their new party track “Get Lit,” and by the look of things, the crowd was into it.

While some might scoff at the notion of an actual DJ Jezzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince comeback (as rumored), we wouldn’t hold it against them if they attempted one. And not for nothing but DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith are one of those duos that when they drop something new you at least have to give it a chance, so it was cool to see how the bass and drum induced melody seemed to work well with the crowd.

Check out the performance below and let us know what you think.

Photo: Getty