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The days when the MTV Video Music Awards was the biggest deal of the year in music Pop culture are officially over—at least for now.

According to The Washington Post , the 2017 MTV VMAs drew the lowest ratings ever since Nielsen began keeping tabs on viewership in 1994.

A total of just 5.4 million people tuned in to watch Katy Perry take shots at Cheeto Jesus and Remy Ma call out Nicki Minaj.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the awards show has been steadily losing popularity over the years thanks to the overall lack of interests in music videos altogether. There were 6.5 million viewers last year and 9.8 million watching the year before.

That being said. we’re beginning to wonder if this is a sign the re-launch of Total Request Live will be DOA or whether the new TRL will help generate interest in music videos once again.

There are a few theories as to why MTV’s ratings dropped drastically including the fact that it competed with the season finale of Game Of Thrones which drew 12.07 million viewers. In prior years the smash HBO series premiered and ended well before the annual video music awards show.

The drop in ratings could also be attributed to the use of DVR’s, streaming services, and social media as they provide people with more than one option on catching up with the latest programming.

Or it could just be that MTV’s prioritizing reality TV shows over music video programming has finally caught up to them.

Guess next year will paint a better picture of what the dealio.

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