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Technology has not only advanced how people communicate but also cheat the system. The Boston Red Sox allegedly used smart watches to get Yankees‘ pitching signals in a recent game.

Yes you read that correctly. According to a New York Times article, the Boston sluggers used Apple Watches to communicate Yankee pitch strategy to their teammates. Allegedly trainers received the signals from the video replay staff and secretly pushed it to their squad via the digital timepieces.

While it is legal to observe opposing hand signals and pass the intel on to their respective team, it is illegal to use such devices for that purpose. Naturally, the Yankees’ front office filed a grievance and the MLB looked into the matter.

The league has determined that not only did they use this sly system to cheat the Yanks, but also several other teams. The Boston Red Sox have filed a counter complaint stating the Bronx Bombers stole signals too via the cameras from their television network YES.

This is not the first time a New England sports team’s ethics have come under fire. The Patriots have been caught spying on the Jets (“Spygate”) and more recently deflating footballs during the 2016-2017 season (“Deflate Gate”).

No word on what fines and or penalties the Red Sox will face but it seems Beantown doesn’t play fair.

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