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Free agent defensive back Antonio Cromartie better get a new gig soon because he and his wife Terricka just welcomed AC’s 14th child into this world. Yes, fourteen.

According to USWeekly the former New York Jet and his wife have six children together while the other eight stem from previous relationships that Antonio had with seven other women.

Speaking to the magazine Terricka said the pregnancy of her newborn daughter Jhett Paxon was “one of the best pregnancies I’ve had out of all five I’ve had.”

While it’s amazing that Antonio Cromartie has more kids than fingers, the fact that he’s had a vasectomy done years ago basically makes this man some kind of deity. You can just assume that his kids are meant for something greater than the average child or something.

And though Antonio is basically populating society on his own the couple have no plans whatsoever on going for child number 15.

“We are 100 percent done! Absolutely, positively done with having kids,” Terrick told US Weekly.

Whether or not the future holds more kids is anyone’s guess at this point but what we do know is that the couple have a reality show set to debut this November on USA called The Cromarties.

Maybe AC will let the world in on his secret to having super-duper swimmers.

Photo: Instagram