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The late, great Sean Price passed on August 8, 2015, rocking Hip-Hop fans from around the world. With the release of his final album, Imperius Rex, Decepticon Sean’s wife, Bernadette Price, spoke about helping to complete the record, how she and her husband met, and much more.

Bernadette Price sat down with Ambrosia For Heads for a Q&A session, breaking down the arc of Sean Price’s rapping career, their struggles as a couple, and how she supported her husband during his various ups and downs.

From Ambrosia For Heads:

Ambrosia For Heads: How long did it take to complete Imperius Rex on your own after Sean passed?

Bernadette Price: I started working on it about eight or nine months after he passed. I took the initiative because that’s what he was working on. He started it, and I finished it.

AFH: Did you work closely with him on any of his other projects?

Bernadette Price: No. Never.

AFH: Sean made plenty of dedication songs and references to you in his music. He must have asked for some feedback from you during the creative stages of his other projects.

Bernadette Price: Yes, he did that all the time. From the beginning, before his career started all the way to until the day to his last one.

AFH: How many years were you and Sean together?

Bernadette Price: 23 years.

AFH: How did you both meet each other?

Bernadette Price: We met through mutual friends who lived in my building. He would come by and see them, and through them, we met and hooked up with each other.

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