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In more cellphone news, Google promises to deliver greatness on October 4 when they unveil to the world their latest Google Pixel XL and Pixel cellphone models.

With both Samsung and Apple showcasing their next offerings to cellphone enthusiasts, it’s Googles turn to show us what they got.

In a very cryptic message posted on their YouTube page, Google promises their latest Pixel offering with have a better battery, more storage, and a much better camera than previous models.

There’s not much information on the forthcoming phone but it is rumored to be coming in two variations, a Pixel and Pixel XL. It will also reportedly run on the Snapdragon 835 or 836 processor, according to a report the 836 will not be in the phone, though. Other rumored features include squeeze controls, a 1,440P screen, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage.

The two Pixel models will be built by separate phone companies with HTC handling the smaller version and LG taking on the XL model. Both models will be going the route of the iPhone and will not feature a headphone jack.

No time, or place has been set the for the announcement event by Google but it will be happening on October 4. The Pixel aims to give cellphone users another option if they’re neither team Samsung nor team iPhone.  If what they are promising in the video is true at all they may definitely be on the right track.

Are you guys intrigued by the news? Can Google sway you in their direction? We will definitely keep you updated when more information the one the Pixel and Pixel XL is released.

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