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If you are thinking about getting an iPhone X, you might want to focus your attention on the iPhone 8. There may be an iPhone X shortage due to the facial recognition feature, so you might have to wait a while for the highly anticipated phone.

The Wall Street Journal reports that due to the manufacturing of parts that are crucial to the FaceID feature, there could be significant shortages of the iPhone X.

The components are conveniently named Romeo and Juliet since they work together to make Apple’s FaceID technology work.  Romeo serves as the home of the projector that utilizes a laser beam to create a 3D map of the user’s face, Juliet reads that map.

The Wall Street Journal’s sources report that it is taking longer to assemble the Romeo component due to difficulty in incorporating its various components which may lead to the iPhone X shortage on launch day.

Uh oh.

It was initially reported there would be delays in shipment of Apple’s most advanced iPhone due to the phones new OLED Display. This news just throws another monkey wrench into Apple’s plans and we know Apple fans need their phones.

iPhone X

Another source also confirmed to that things were “back on track” so maybe there is no need to worry. Only time will tell and we shall learn if Apple indeed is having issues by the time the iPhone X pre-order begins in October—and it will cost $999.

The iPhone 8 isn’t looking so bad right about now after reading that report.

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