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Family Matters fans were absolutely thrilled to see the reunion of the cast some 20 years since the series ended in a recent special, with hopes that the show will be revived in a new reboot. Jaleel White, who played breakout character Steve Urkel, says that according to what he knows the show won’t be making a return to Netflix as hoped.

White, 40, took to his Instagram page to discuss the recent reunion of Family Matters staged by Entertainment Weekly. With chemistry between the cast still largely intact, it made sense for some to assume that the show had a shot of returning to the small screen. However, White says the cast has not been in touch with Netflix although the streaming content giant has revived similar hit sitcoms from the past.

From White’s Instagram:

No one was paid for our @entertainmentweekly gathering. It was done for YOU, the fans & to satisfy our own need to come together as a family. And to set the record straight, no one from #Netflix has ever contacted any of us to express an interest in doing a reboot. No hard feelings at all but that’s the God’s honest truth and life moves on with more blessings to come.

But the main focus of the Instagram post was for White to acknowledge the late Michelle Thomas, who played Urkel’s love interest Myra Monkhouse on the series. Thomas passed from an illness in 1998.

Photo: Instagram